6 Core Personality Traits Of Your Zodiac Sign Revealed


Ever wondered what it is exactly that makes your zodiac sign ‘tick’? Well you’re about to find out…
Every sign in the zodiac is known for some very ‘core’ and common personality traits and characteristics.

These are the qualities that in ‘essence’ make up each zodiac signs persona and they can have a huge impact on their overall approach on life.

Some can be fiery and angry, others can be calm and relaxed and others yet can be downright nutjobs at times. These core traits can vary enormously from sign to sign.

To discover exactly what it is that makes your own zodiac sign so damn unique find your sign below to see the 6 dominant personality traits and characteristics that make up your sign!


aries core traits

Aries are determined and ambitious creatures that possess a feisty attitude and a ‘take no prisoners’ approach to life. They take care of themselves first but they also have a very romantic side.


taurus core traits

Taurus is thoughtful, dominant and sometimes stubborn as hell. They can be a bit jealous but they’re also incredibly sensual lovers.


gemini core traits

Geminis tend to be both creative and witty as all hell.They are naturally curious and crave novelty and entertainment.


cancer core traits

Cancers are well known for being loving, protective and natural nurturers. They can however be a bit moody and indecisive at times.


leo core traits

Leos are full of opinions and don’t hold back when it comes to going after what they want in life. They’re full of enthusiasm, open-minded and are also extremely kind to others.



Virgos are practical, intelligent and very analytical. However sometimes they can perfectionists and over critical of both their own and others work.



Libra is a born diplomat with a persuasive demeanor who is both caring and compassionate. They can however be a bit indecisive at times.



The Scorpio is known for being powerful, magnetic and dynamic. They’re determined and assertive too which can see them getting far in life. They can however be a bit on the compulsive and obsessive side.



The Sagittarius is an eternal freedom seeker who is both philosophical and intelligent. They are enthusiastic and honest though they can be a bit careless at times.



The Capricorn is extremely disciplined and resourceful and resilient enough to get through almost any obstacle. They can however be a bit selfish at times.



The Aquarius is naturally friendly and has a mind of their own. They are both loyal and idealistic too however sometimes they can be a little bit tactless.

Pisces …


Pisces possesses a wild and incredible imagination that they often find themselves getting lost in. They’re also very intuitive and compassionate though sometimes they can be a little bit impracticable and not grounded in reality.


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