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  • Each Zodiac Sign Has A Dark Side, Here is Yours

    Aries (March 21st to April 19th) You fantasize about murder—but never suicide. You’re too egotistical to deprive the planet of your wonderful presence. Because it’s all about you…you…you…you become uncontrollably jealous when anyone gets more attention than you do, so you seek to crush them. You seek to destroy anyone who’d dare get in the […]

  • What Type Of Love You Deserve, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

    Each zodiac sign demonstrates a unique approach to love. Some are more notorious for causing heartbreak while others are known to be the heartbroken. Some will devote themselves deeply and emotionally while others are carefree and tend to bounce around until they find someone to share their excitement. In the end, it’s all about empathy. […]

  • Zodiac Signs Ranked: The Most Confident And The Most Insecure

    You see this highly talented friend lacking confidence. You find it ridiculous that someone with such a talent would like that. The truth is, our confidence and insecurities are dependent on our zodiac signs. It’s our sun signs which are responsible for this. So, we made a list of zodiac signs ranking them in order […]

  • What Each Zodiac Sign Does When They Are Secretly Not Okay

    They pack their schedule to keep busy. They work longer hours. They stop sleeping. The exercise more than they should. They distract themselves as best as they can. They reach out to friends they haven’t talked to in a while. They hint at the fact that they’ve been super stressed and are having a hard […]

  • Taurus Weekly Horoscope: October 2 to October 8

    Salud, Taurus! Vital Jupiter is bounding through your wellness zone for one more week—the final stretch of a journey that began on September 9, 2016. Since then, you may have upped the ante on your healthy living goals. Did you quit a bad habit, change your eating or get an exercise regimen locked and loaded? […]

  • Daily Horoscope: Sunday, October 1

    Aries Daily Horoscope Sunday – Oct 01, 2017 Your work is clearly laid out before you and you can’t wait to get started. It really doesn’t matter if you are overcommitted; you believe you’re invincible, even if others think your agenda is too ambitious. However, you must be realistic or you might find yourself backed […]

  • Zodiac Signs Ranked By How Long They’d Survive In A Horror Movie

    12. Gemini would be killed off first. We all love Geminis because they are the life of the party and always have something exciting to talk about. However, in order to survive a horror movie, “exciting” is not what you want to be. 11.  Aries are way too brave and adventurous for their own good […]

  • Cancer: These Two Questions Can Predict Whether Your Relationship Will Last

    When it comes to relationships, Cancers are either hot or cold. In their minds, they’re either lucky or unlucky. It’s not uncommon for a Cancer to think that they keep stumbling into the same broken relationship again and again. They may be involved with totally different people who look completely different and come from completely […]

  • Taurus Horoscope: Wednesday, September 27

    Imbalances in your relationships, particularly with friends, lovers, and children, Taurus, can seem to stand out as you are especially sensitive to them today. Try not to let insecurities or fears obscure your perceptions, or at least avoid making firm conclusions until you’re more objective. There can be some lack of clarity with a work […]

  • Taurus Horoscope: Tuesday, September 26

    While there is a lot of attention to the playful side of your life these days, dear Taurus, you’ve just begun a nine-month cycle that boosts your home and family life. This cycle brings more warmth and nourishment to your domestic world. It’s a good time for tending to the hearth and making things right, […]

  • Taurus Horoscope: Tuesday, September 19

    This is a good day for taking it easy and engaging your imagination, dear Taurus. A New Moon will occur tomorrow, setting you off in a new direction, and today is a great time for considering what you’d like to improve, particularly related to creativity, romance, and play. An opposition between Mercury and Neptune can […]